Why Fans are Wrong About the ‘Supernatural’ Arrest Theory


When Supernatural returns for season 12 in January Sam and Dean will find themselves behind bars … again. Though Sam and Dean have been in trouble with the law multiple times before, the mid-season finale saw them reach a whole new level as they were arrested by the Secrets Service after being accused of trying to assassinate the president. The arrest was so sudden and so shocking that Supernatural fans have been trying to come up with some theories to make sense of it. In a recent interview with TVLine; however, Supernatural’s executive producer and current showrunner, Andrew Dabb, debunked the most popular fan explanation.
Sam and Dean’s arrest is so at odds with the rest of the mid-season finale (and the season as a whole) that fans naturally assumed that something more was happening in the background. The biggest theory was that the British Men of Letters, who disappeared about halfway through the winter finale, were actually responsible for Sam and Dean’s arrest or did the arresting themselves.
Andrew Dabb has emphatically crushed that hope for fans. “It was really the government that grabbed them. It was really the Secret Service,” Dabb clarified.
This doesn’t mean that Sam and Dean’s arrest will be completely unrelated from the Men of Letter storyline. Dabb continued by saying, “the Men of Letters, like Mary (and) Castiel, are going to have a very specific reaction” when they find out about Sam and Dean’s arrest.
This will likely lead to the Men of Letters having a larger role in the rest of season 12. At the very least that is what Supernatural stars Jared Padelacki and Jensen Ackles are claiming.


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