‘Teen Wolf’ Brings Back Scott’s Father for Final Season


For the final season of a relatively long-running show, Teen Wolf hasn’t seen much in the way of returning characters and actors. This is especially true for characters who have been gone for the show for more than a few seasons. This might be all about to change. When Teen Wolf returns for its final season in 2017, there will be another familiar face on-screen.  TVLine reports that Scott’s dad is coming back to Beacon Hills.

Matthew Del Negro, the actor who plays Papa McCall, made the announcement on his Instagram account with a post that is embedded below. McCall was last seen all the way back at the middle of season 4 when he went back to San Francisco and never returned. This is despite promises he would come back and a desire to know why Scott seems to know so much about dangerous things in his hometown.

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The reason for Agent McCall’s return is unknown. At the very least we should probably see Scott and his dad have that talk about Scott’s life and maybe he will finally learn his son is a werewolf. It does seem unlikely that Teen Wolf would bring Scott’s dad for just one conversation, especially when so many other characters have not scheduled an appearance. So Agent McCall might be more involved than the season’s arc than one would assume.

Speaking of one of those missing characters another big return might be in the works. Though Arden Cho has left the show Kira might make a an appearance in the final season. Jeff Davis admitted in an interview that there has been discussion about what characters they want to bring back, suggesting Agent McCall will not be the only one. One of the big characters under discussion has been Kira.

Jeff Davis commented that Kira “comes up a little later in the story” and that her return “is not outside the realm [sic] of possibility.” Kira’s return would make a lot more sense and probably be a lot more pleasing to fans than Agent McCall’s return.

Teen Wolf season 6 will return in 2017 on MTV.

(Images courtesy of MTV and Instagram/Matthew Del Negro)