Binge Watch These 10 ‘NCIS’ Episodes If You Need a Good Laugh


NCIS may be a procedural drama, but it does have its comedic moments. Amidst solving murders and catching criminals, this team can, occasionally, have some fun. (Plus, it’s always amusing to watch Gibbs trying to deal with technology.)

Here are 10 NCIS episodes to watch for a laugh. We recommend watching in this order, but any order will do!

Season 2 Episode 5 “The Bone Yard”

Tony and Kate went undercover as a couple best suited for The Jerry Springer Show at a paternity clinic: she slept with her cousin — and his brother and best friend at the same time — and he slept with her sister.

Season 4 Episode 11 “Driven”

The team attended a sexual harassment seminar, and from head slaps to touching dead naked people, their questions about “inappropriate behavior” should have probably been enough to get them excused from all future sessions.

Season 11 Episode 3 “Under the Radar”

Vera was retiring at the end of the month, and she just wanted to wait it out. Unfortunately for her, since McGee lost his badge, she had to join Tony in the field — and she’d heard stories about him. “I shouldn’t even be in the same room as this moving target,” she argued. (She was right.)

Season 7 Episode 8 “Power Down”

Everyone was at a loss as to how to function during a citywide blackout (and kept defaulting to trying to use their phones and computers) — except Gibbs, of course. When they needed a camera, food and a way to photocopy a sketch, Gibbs had it covered.

Season 8 Episode 16 “Kill Screen”

When Gibbs’ computer failed him, he took a bat to it and then unplugged everything. And then when, during the case, it came time to shut down a computer, instead of letting McGee talk him through it, Gibbs simply shot it. So, when Gibbs was having computer problems again at work, McGee’s immediate reaction was to warn him, “Don’t shoot!”

Season 12 Episode 16 “Blast from the Past”

McGee talked Gibbs into trying out a smartphone for a couple of days … which lasted the car ride to the crime scene. It was a tech-filled episode for Gibbs, who had a backstopped identity as a computer technician. Gibbs ended up going in undercover as just that (again), with Abby and McGee in his ear.

Season 9 Episode 7 “Devil’s Triangle”

Gibbs and Fornell’s ex-wife called them for help when her current husband didn’t come home. Fornell chugged Pepto-Bismol, the team listened at the door and Carol had fun flirting with Fornell.

Season 10 Episode 9 “Devil’s Trifecta”

Another case reunited Gibbs and Fornell with their ex-wife, and this time, it ended with Diane staying at McGee’s place one night — and Gibbs and Fornell finding the two of them together on his couch the next morning. Nothing happened, McGee insisted (and would keep insisting).

Season 11 Episode 10 “Devil’s Triad”

First, the case led to Gibbs and Tony finding Diane and Fornell in a hotel room. Then, Gibbs ended up having both of them talk to him about their rekindled relationship. Plus, Diane had a boyfriend, who turned out to be undercover Secret Service, and Emily sought asylum with Gibbs.

Season 13 Episode 21 “Return to Sender”

Fornell decided to give online dating a try — and talk to Gibbs about it. It became more and more awkward each time and even included Fornell saying, “I can’t get it up” (meaning the nerve to go out with any of the women he was talking to).
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