‘Beyond’ Recap: Holden Sets a Party on Fire


In the second hour of the Beyond premiere, Holden tries to get back to his normal life. Unfortunately when you have telekinetic super powers, visions of a creepy old dude and a secret organization chasing you, normal isn’t really an option.

Questioned by the Police

The second hour picks up right where we left off, with Holden having his dream. This time we see it and he’s talking to Willa, who gives him a special compass before telling him to run as her face melts off. Holden wakes up and is questioned by the police about the bar attack, but he doesn’t tell them about his magic powers.

Holden Tries to Readjust

Since the coma, Holden’s mom has gotten very religious and takes her sons to church. There Holden sees Jeff, Kevin’s brother who chased him into the woods 12 years ago, as well as the Old Man from his dreams. Holden is able to close his eyes and suddenly he and the Old Man are the only two people in the church, so clearly they are connected telepathically to some other realm of existence. He also discovers a phone in his jacket and Willa is calling him nonstop, but Holden refuses to answer.

Back at home, Holden’s dad gives him his old motorbike to fix up, leading to some nice father/son bonding time and giving Holden a way to get around since he can’t drive.

A Crazy Party

At night, Luke sneaks out and takes his brother to a party with plenty of alcohol, weed and Luke’s annoyingly chatty girlfriend Riley. Riley sets Holden up with her pal Jamie and the start making out, which is probably Holden’s first kiss which is super weird. Things take a dark turn as the combination of alcohol, marijuana and powers cause Holden to see the Old Man and some other crazy stuff. He runs away into the bathroom where the Old Man tries to grab him from inside the mirror, which is a cool little moment.

Then he passes out and he’s in some catacombs with torches and ancient symbols on the walls as some snarling beast bangs at the door. WTF is going on? His freakout ignites his powers and the lights explode at the party, causing a fire. Luke breaks down the bathroom door to save his brother from the house that is now burning to the ground.

The next day Holden decides that he should probably call Willa after all and visits her at her new apartment. He sees the special compass from his dream on her table. Since she said they lived a life together when he was in a coma, he has a question: Where?

That’s a good question, but I have about a million others. I hope the entire third episode is just Willa and Holden sitting on the couch as she explains everything that’s happening, because after two episodes, I still don’t have a clue.

The Man in the Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket Man heads to a remote compound that seems to be some type of cult that looks a lot like where the Others lived on Lost. He’s supposed to meet with Frost, the man on the phone, but instead he meets with someone else, a woman who talks about the organization and how Holden is important to their cause, but no answers are given. She says that Yellow Jacket Man is being reassigned because he was supposed to be discrete and now the cops are after him.

The next day the Yellow Jacket Man takes a cab into the suburbs where we discover that he has a wife and a daughter and is pretending to be a travelling salesman. I know Heroes creator Tim Kring is an executive producer on this show, but the Yellow Jacket Man is such an obvious rip-off of that show’s HRG it’s not even funny.

Beyond airs Mondays at 9/8c on Freeform.

(Image courtesy of Freeform)