Beyhadh 3 January 2017: Saanjh discovers that Arjun’s dream proposal is for Maya


Beyhadh starts with Maya (Jennifer Winget) reading Arjun’s message of giving life a chance. He tells her to come to the beach. Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) reaches Mauritius and says I will propose to Arjun today. He cannot escape. She calls Arjun who tells her that he wants to share a special thing. She is very happy. Saanjh reaches the hotel where Arjun (Kushal Tandon) is staying but the manager says she needs to have prior booking. Maya collides with a waiter and says sorry. The message falls from her hand. Saanjh asks about Arjun Sharma saying he is a friend. The waiter tells the manager that a letter has fallen and it is for the Indian girl living in the hotel. The manager gives it to Saanjh.

She reads it and feels he will himself propose to her. Maya goes to the beach and reads a message in the sand. She finds a rose and gets into a boat that is kept for her. Maya gets in. Saanjh goes there and reads the message and is super happy when she sees a boat. The boat does not have a boatman. Saanjh gets in and starts rowing the boat. Maya reaches a decked up boat and is ecstatic. She sees a bottle and picks it up. It has a message. Maya says Arjun where are you? A man says he will help her. Maya goes underwater and is thrilled to see the marine life.

Saanjh sees the decked up boat and says you made me feel so special. She screams duffer I am here. She says Arjun your treasure hunt is awesome. She sees the bottle and reads the message. Arjun meets Maya underwater. He holds her hand. Saanjh says I love you, Arjun more than my life. She decides to jump in. Saanjh struggles in the sea. She sees Arjun and Maya inside the sea holding hands. He is showing her the corals. Saanjh then sees Arjun putting a ring on Maya. She is distraught. Maya professes her love.