Ishqbaaz, 3 January 2017, Written Update of the Full Episode: Shivaay and Anika get close to each other


Ishqbaaz starts with Tia asking Anika where are your manners? She scolds her for entering Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) bedroom. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) tells her to get out saying it is my bedroom. She says Tia you are nobody to sit with my husband on this bed. You can show your attitude elsewhere. Tia (Navina Bole) says Shivaay, Anika is talking so rudely. When he interrupts, Anika says he is my husband and this room and bed is also mine. Tia says you will be divorced soon. Anika says till that happens I am his wife. He does not say anything. She grabs Tia’s hand and throws her out.

Anika stops Tia and says I have something for you. She gets slippers box. Tia recalls gifting slippers to Anika. Anika says this will show your place in Shivaye and my relation. Anika shuts the door. Shivaye is sitting on the bed.

Shivaye tells her to come, sit near him. She asks near you? He says you said right now that this is your house, bedroom, bed, your husband, come sit near your husband, in your room, on your bed. She smiles. He says just look at your face. He gets close to her and says I did not know tadibaaz girl blushes too. She says I brush daily, twice a day, see.

She says I brush daily and my teeth shine like light. He says not brush, blush. She asks what does blush mean. He holds her close and says blush means…. shall I say. O jaana…..plays….. They have an eyelock and she smiles. He says you are blushing again. She goes away shyly. He sees her through the curtains. They see each other. She wonders what is happening. Shivaay is also surprised at his behaviour. They lie down and sleep.

The guys see Priyanka’s MMS and say its good. Randhawa beats them and hits the phone to break it. Its morning, Priyanka comes out of her tent and gets shocked seeing the guys. She says Abhishek, what are you guys upto, what do you want. The guys try to molest her and Ranveer lands up there.

Tia says all preparations are done here. Svetlana says great, even here, it is all done. Anika thinks whom is Tia talking to, I need to find out. Servant bumps into Anika and says she passed off after drinking Shivaay’s tea. Anika wants to catch Tia red-handed.

Randhawa beats up the guys and makes Priyanka wear the dupatta.

Tia says I came out of Oberoi mansion, Anika is after me. She says Shivaye is alone now, we can play your next move. Anika says why is she going to outhouse. Shivaye is in room. The servant puts light on Shivaye through a laser device. Anika looks for Tia. She says where did Tia go. Tia asks are you following me. Anika asks what are you doing here. Tia asks is this your bedroom, you have no right to ask me. The servant uses laser at the glass edges. Anika asks Tia to reveal her plans but Tia laughs saying that she will not reveal it. Anika says what can I expect from you, she says Tia is pregnant with someone else’s child and is putting the blame on Shivaay. Tia tells Anika that her life may revolve around Shivaye, but not hers.

Shivaye works in his room. Tia says Shivaye is going to give you divorce, I will get all that I want from him. The servant continues cutting glass edges. Anika says you are not doing this for Shivaye. Tia says Shivaye is a small part of my plans. Anika asks what do you want, why are you doing this. Tia says keep thinking, Shivaye is not my goal. Once I get what I want, he will be finished. Anika gets shocked. Tia goes. Anika says it means Shivaye’s life is in danger, I have to call him. She calls Shivaye. She desperately wants him to answer the call. Shivaye walks away and the structure falls.