Bigg Boss 10: VJ Andy LASHES OUT at Om Swami in this EXCLUSIVE interview


Bigg Boss 10 is turning out to be quite a dud of a season for the reality show. People might be interested in seeing fights inside the house. But who would be interested in crass fights? VJ Andy totally agrees. We were talking to the zany man about his upcoming webseries on Voot titled Untag, and the conversation eventually moved to discussing Bigg Boss. Funny, how out thoughts on a certain issue resonated with each other’s. Actually, every viewer of Bigg Boss 10 must be having the same thought about that person. Yep! We are talking about Om Swami. He has been notorious on the show, and we fail to understand why he was ever brought on board.

During the conversation Andy talked about one particular incident inside the Bigg Boss 10 house – when Rohan Mehra was punished for hitting Om Swami. “One thing that really annoyed me actually was when Rohan got punished for pushing Swami, but for so many people have pushed him, and he has pushed so many people, and he has attacked Rohan. I am not saying what Rohan did was right.He should have dealt with it differently but he should not have been punished alone. Swami should have been punished as well. How many times Manu Punjabi and Manveer push people. This is very physical Bigg Boss this year.” Andy, exactly our thoughts.

Andy plays Cyrus, a copywriter, in Untag. His characters uses bitching and gossiping as defense mechanism as said by the actor. While we were having this lovely conversation and bitching about Om Swami, another ruckus was unfolding inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. Om Swami has stooped to the lowest and threw his piss on Bani J and Rohan Mehra. Damn! If only I and Andy had known this before our conversation, we would have so much more to bitch about.

“I have been following this season from the get-go. And I really did find the commoner and celebrity angle sort of interesting but at the same time I was a bit sort of like you should not be calling anyone commoner because they’re special in their own way. It’s a great concept, in retrospect. But now all of them are celebrities essentially, and most of them are infamous. You know they are not famous, they’re infamous.Swami Om and Manu Punjabi are infamous- because they are not very nice people. The things they do, and the things that say are actually horrific. I am quite in shock. I am very lucky that I am not in the house this season because the stuff they do and say to each other.” Andy concluded his thoughts about Bigg Boss and resumed gymming with his trainer.

Talking about Om Swami, he has not only received a kick from Bani J, and a tight slap from Rohan Mehra, once again. He has also been kicked out of the Bigg Boss 10 house by the show runners.