Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 4th January 2017, Written Update of the Full Episode: Naira enters Goenka’s house to save Kush


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Dadi stopping Naksh and asking him to do tilak rasam. Kartik gets up. Dadi says it’s not good to go, sit. Kartik (Mohsin Khan) says I have to go washroom. She says you are not a kid, sit. Pandit says let him go, puja has still some time. Kartik thanks him and goes. The kids play hide and seek. Mishti asks Lav and Kush not to hide behind her. Naira (Shivangi Joshi) talks to Pungi on call. She sees video of tilak rasam on phone. Kush hides in cupboard, and it gets locked. Kartik comes back. Dadi asks Naitik (Vishal Singh) to start rasam by washing groom’s feet. They all look on. Dadi asks him to take plate and water. Naitik nods.

Kartik stops Naitik and says no need to do this, keep the plate. Naira looks on. Dadi asks why are you stopping, its rasam, son in law is like Lord. Kartik says maybe, but this rasam is not needed, Sir leaves this, else I will wash my feet on my own. Naitik says its ritual; I have no problem to do this. Kartik says but I have problem, leave it. Manish says I did this ritual in Kirti’s marriage, you did not say anything, agree to Dadi. Naira prays. Akhilesh and Mansi say Kartik wanted to stop you that time also, he told pandit also. Dadi says this is first rasam, how many compromises am I making, everything won’t go as they want.

Naksh says I want to say something if you don’t feel bad, I m Naira’s elder brother, and like her father, I want to do this rasam if Dadi permits. Dadi nods. Naksh asks Kartik to sit. Kartik says no. Naksh tickles him and keeps his feet in plate. He washes Kartik’s feet and says this is just sample, if you trouble Naira, I will wash you also. He wipes his feet. Kartik wipes his hands in return. Everyone smile. Kartik touches Naksh’s feet and takes blessings, saying elder brother is like father. Naksh hugs him. Naira and everyone smile. Naira thinks did Kush come out or not. Pandit asks Suwarna to come for tilak rasam. Kartik says Dadi…. Dadi says I can’t do this; a suhaagan has to do this. He says Surekha…. Suwarna signs Surekha to do rasam. Naira thinks how I will bring Kartik close to family. Surekha does rasam. Naitik does tilak to Kartik. Everyone do the ritual. Manish and Suwarna sit sad and look on.

Lav says I tried finding Kush everywhere. Naira says I think they are finding Kush, I will inform them. She calls everyone and none answer, as phones are put up in a tray. She says I can’t call Mishti, else video will disconnect, what to do. Kush knocks cupboard door. Dadi asks Naitik to make Kartik wear pagdi. Naitik tries pagdi to Kartik. Naira worries and gets scared. Naira takes car keys and runs. Pandit asks for shagun from groom’s side. Naitik and everyone worry. Naira is on the way. Naitik and everyone get surprised seeing purple suit. They all see Kartik smiling. They smile and get glad.

Naira says I should have seen Kartik’s words and saw house, I have to find it now. Surekha says we have ordered this suit from designer, I selected this, see the tag. Akhilesh says why will they do this, they can afford it. Surekha asks shall I ask someone. Manish says no, we will discuss later. Naitik gives shagun to Kartik. Naira reaches Goenka house and runs. Guard stops her and asks who are you. She says don’t stop me, its imp, I m Naira, Kartik’s…. Guard says no, you can’t go. She runs inside the gate. Servant mixes red color and it falls in her way. She steps in color and runs inside the house. She leaves red footprints and shouts Kartik. Everyone get shocked seeing her. She runs. Kartik asks what happened, will you say. She sees cupboard locked and runs. She opens cupboard and they all see Kush unconscious inside. They all get shocked. They get Kush out and sprinkle water on him.

Kush gets conscious. Naira hugs him and cries. Kuch asks who you are. They all smile. Lav says she is Naira, how did she come when she was not allowed to come. Rajshri cleans Naira’s lep from face. Varsha makes her wear dupatta. Naira takes Dadi and elder’s blessings. Kartik asks how you knew about Kush. Naira says Mishti did video-call to me to show tilak rasam, I have seen Kush on video, sorry I did not wish to come, I was in tension, I called everyone, no one answered, and so I came running. Suwarna says you did right, we will not forget your favor; don’t know what would have happened with Kush today. Manish thanks her. Naksh says I know Dadi believes all this but situation was…. Kartik says yes, she did big favor on us. Dadi says we know, we are thankful, but this did not happen right.