Kasam Tere Pyaar KI 4 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanuja and Rishi confess their love to each other


Ahana expresses her guilt over taunting Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) when she was just helping Smiley. Tanuja asks her to forget everything else when Ahana tells her that she can’t forget the fact that Tanuja sacrificed everything for her. Tanuja then tells her that she is just like Tanu for her and that she feels she is Smiley’s mausi and not her chachi. Malaika goes and scolds Smiley for getting pregnant and ruining her life. She keeps scolding Smiley for ruining her own plan and stopping Tanuja from leaving the house. She holds Smiley’s hand really tight and scolds her when Ahana walks in. Ahana taunts her and warns her against saying anything about her daughter.

Ahana taunts her about staying in the house for so long as a guest. She tells her how shameless she is and asks her to leave the house. Smiley hugs Ahana and apologises when Ahana assures her that everyone is with her. Rano is not able to believe that Tanuja made such a huge sacrifice for Smiley and figures that she has another motive. Malaika enters and rats Ahana out. Beeji overhears and tells Rano what all Malaika told Smiley. Beeji asks Rano to send Malaika back home since she is never going to get what she wants.

Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) is also restlessly walking in his room drowned in guilt about how he behaved with Tanuja. Yuvraj sees him and tells him that he has to face Tanuja. He advises her to not run away from the situation but Rishi tells him that he can’t even face her. Yuvraj tells him that Tanuja knows what’s in his heart. Malaika regrets getting Tanuja home in the first place and cribs about everything. She calls Shekhar, who tells her that they must meet to celebrate now but she just lashes out at him. She asks him to meet in the backyard so she can tell him everything.

Tanuja sees Rishi cry and asks him why he is so upset. He tells her how she has always loved her and he only hated her all this while. He tells her that he could never look into her eyes and figure out the sacrifice she made. He apologises to her and tells her how much he cried when she cried. Rishi holds her hand and requests her to never leave him ever. Tanuja is happy to hear this and they hug each other. Tanuja tells him that he never did anything wrong since he is a nice guy and that she lied to him. Tanuja tells him how much he loved her throughout and that no one has ever loved her so much.