Bigg Boss 10: Here’s Bani J and Rohan Mehra’s punishment for assaulting Om Swami


Yet another major incident took place inside the Bigg Boss house couple of hours back. Om Swami stooped to the lowest of the low as he peed on Bani J during the captaincy task. For those of you who have been keeping up with Bigg Boss 10 will know that Bani and Om chose to fight for the captaincy after they walked out of the jail in the BB Rail task. So Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task wherein both Bani and Om had to make their individual pyramids and the other housemates could support anyone between Bani and Om. Obviously, no one wanted Om as the captain of the house which is why all the contestants were supporting Bani and they tried to break Om Swami’s pyramid again and again. This didn’t go down well with Swami, who got furious and threw his piss on Bani. While rest of the housemates were appalled with Swami’s disgusting act, Bani kicked him and Rohan Mehra, who was wanting to hit Om slapped him right across the face.

As we have already told you, Om has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after his disgusting act. But what about Bani and Rohan? Have they been also punished considering physical violence is a big no inside the Bigg Boss house. Well, you all can heave a sigh of relief as we have learnt that the makers of Bigg Boss 10 have decided not to take any action Bani and Rohan. Clearly the makers, who were turning a blind eye to Swami’s wrongdoings all this while realised that what Bani and Rohan did was absolutely right.

Host Salman Khan, who has been highly annoyed with Om boycotted him last weekend after he said he wanted to pee on Rohan during the captaincy task that took place last week. Salman lost his shit and lashed out at him again like there is no tomorrow. And now that he has actually peed on Bani, we cannot wait to see what the BB10 host will have to say on all this.