Bigg Boss 10: Here’s who stopped Bani J from being on Salman Khan’s show in the previous seasons


Speculations about Bani J’s participation in Bigg Boss were rife since last few seasons, but every time they were put to rest with her absence on the high voltage reality show. So it came as a huge shock when we finally saw her set foot inside the glass walled house this year. While we EXCLUSIVELY revealed to you that it is the huge sum of money that motivated her to be on the show, but what many of you might not know is the reason behind Bani’s non-appearance on the previous seasons of the nation’s most controversial reality show.

Bani, while talking to her fellow contestant Rohan Mehra revealed that it was her mother’s disliking towards the show that made her say no to the makers every time they went knocking at her door with the offer. Bani revealed that how she was getting calls to be on the high voltage reality show since last two or three years, but her mother was strictly against the idea of Bani being inside the house. On the other hand, Bani’s sister is a big fan of Bigg Boss and always encouraged her to take up the offer, but Bani didn’t want to go against her mum’s wish, which is why she kept a safe distance from the show.

This year, however she finally managed to convince her mom, but not fully as last month, while talking to Mona Lisa, Bani revealed that her mother is still not happy with her participation in Bigg Boss 10. But then going by how popular she has become, there are high chances of Bani walking out of that house as the winner, and we are sure more than anyone her mom will be really happy to see her daughter as the winner of the biggest reality show that exists in India. Don’t you agree?