Disgusting! Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami PEES on Bani J, might be finally thrown out of the house


Om Swami has crossed all the limits this time on Bigg Boss 10. After making demeaning remarks on her fellow contestants and doing every other objectionable things that exist on this planet, Om Swami has now stooped to the lowest of the low by peeing on Bani J during the captaincy task. Yep! Even after being reprimanded by Salman Khan quite a few times on weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 10, the man has clearly refused to mend his ways. An insider has revealed to us that the during the task, Om Swami collected his piss in a bowl and threw on Bani. Soon after this, Rohan Mehra, who slapped him couple of days back grabbed him and lashed out at him. Om is currently in the house jail and the makers are taking a call on this whole disgusting incident.

This is not the first utterly disgusting that Om Swami has done inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. He has abused the co-contestants, manhandled them, been volatile. The contestant who should have been thrown out of the house weeks ago is being kept inside for what! TRP? Funny, how the makers of Bigg Boss 10 waited for something so grave to happen on the show. And it’s more ridiculous that they thought that his guy makes for good TV. We hope at least now a decision is taken that shows that the show runners have a backbone and can churn out entertainment without basing their show on such people. And we so hope that Bani J files a police complaint against Om Swami. And if Om Swami is still kept inside the house, I for one, would have zero hopes with just the biggest reality show of Indian TV. We are wondering that how this clip is going to air on the channel? Will it be even shown, we wonder.

Swami had to get out of the house yet again as he had a court hearing to attend. A theft case filed against him has been keeping him busy and he is often seen leaving the house every now and then. And after this tamashaa, the makers must surely be regretting their decision (hopefully) to get him back on the show again. More than that we are waiting to see how Salman will react to this. Last weekend, the BB10 host reached his tipping point and boycotted Swami when Swami said he wanted to pee on Rohan during the captaincy task that took place last week. And now that he has actually peed on Bani, we can’t wait to see Salman’s reaction on this.