Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Hi: Dev SLAPS Bejoy in front of Sona


There is a lot of drama in the show currently with Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) fake pregnancy getting exposed. Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) leaves the house, miffed with Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sona for backstabbing her. She accuses Sona of turning her son against her and making him lie to her all the time. Though Sona tries telling her that she herself didn’t know about the pregnancy, Ishwari refuses to believe her. Ishwari leaves the house and sits in a temple, angry and upset with everything that happened. Meanwhile, Bejoy and Asha also reach the Dixit house to check on Sona and get into an ugly verbal battle with Radha.

Dev interrupts and tells Bejoy that he cannot hear anything against his mother and asks them to leave. If that wasn’t enough, Ishwari puts forth a condition that Sona must try everything available to give her a grandchild. Dev makes Sona agree to getting all the necessary treatments done while Bejoy and Asha look up fertility treatments online. Sourabh and Bejoy get into a fight and Bejoy blurts out that the only reason Sourabh is supporting Dev is because he invested money in their business. Sona is quite taken aback to find out about this.

In the forthcoming episodes, the Bose family will get into an ugly fight with the Dixit family. Bejoy and Asha go to meet Sona and check on her. Radha will start taunting them and accusing them of tricking Dev into giving them money. Bejoy, being the short-tempered person that he is, will give it back to them. Radha and Ishwari will both start a war of words with them calling them greedy .

Dev and Sona enter to see all the drama where Dev reveals that he gave Sourabh the money himself and that no one asked him to. Ishwari is shocked and disappointed at Dev for favouring Sona’s family so much. The fight gets bitter when Bejoy speaks against Ishwari, so much that Dev actually SLAPS Bejoy. Sona is as shocked as everyone else in the room as she follows Bejoy to the door. Meanwhile, Ishwari is still upset with Dev for giving Sourabh the money.

Dev will now be stuck between a disappointed mother and an angry wife. Will Sona end her relationship with Dev? Stay hooked with us to find out.