ChandraNandni 4 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandni saves Chandra’s life


Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) recollects how Nanda had once cured one of his men, who was attacked by the poisonous arrow. She remembers that the medicine is in the palace and is wondering how to take Chandra (Rajat Tokas) home. Just then, she sees a bullock cart and asks the man to help her out. They put Chandra in the cart and take him to the palace. Meanwhile, the goons who escaped report to Malayketu telling him that they successfully attacked Chandra. Nanda gets restless and angry as they are still waiting for Nandni and Chandra. Just then, they hear noises and get ready to attack.

A messenger tells them that Chandra and Nandni took another route to reach the palace. Nandni is worried about Chandra and tears her saree to tie it around the wound so the bleeding slows down. They reach the palace and everyone in the palace get worried. The doctors clean his wound and start treating. Helena accuses Nandni of attacking Chandra and she denies it saying that it wasn’t Nanda who attacked Chandra. She tells them how she changed the route to protect Chandra but Helena refuses to believe her.

Rajmata asks them to stop arguing and focus on Chandra’s health. After she leaves, Helena throws Nandni in a cell. Nandni tries telling them how she can save Chandra but the guards take her any way. Durdhara hears her and rushes inside. Nandni keeps requesting and breaks down as no one is ready to believe her. Durdhara tells Rajmata that Nandni just said that she knows how to cure the wound but is stopped by Helena andMalayketu. The doctor names the poison when Durdhara says that she heard Nandni say the same name.

Rajmata agrees to calling Nandni but Helena refuses. Rajmata goes against Helena and forbids anyone from saying anything. Malayketu stands there figuring how to stop Nandni. Rajmata goes and asks Nandni if she can really save Chandra. Nandni says that she can save Chandra when Rajmata begs of her to save him. Nandni picks out the medicine bottle from a secret cabinet and rushes to save Chandra. Nandni treats Chandra with the secret medicine as MalayKetu watches. He is convinced that Chandra will die as Nandni instructs the doctors on how to give him the medicine.

Nandni stays up all night looking after Chandra as everyone else drift off to sleep. In the morning, Chandra regains consciousness, much to Malayketu’s shock and everyone else’s happiness. The doctor tells Chandra how Nandni saved his life and Rajmata agrees with him. Chandra and Nandni look at each other as Helena fumes. Helena vents in her room as her mother returns. Her mother starts dancing confusing Helena. Her mother talks about how much Helena loves Chandra as she regrets getting Chandra and Nandni married. Helena’s mother joins her in separating Chandra and Nandni. Her mother asks Helena to apologise to Nandni to get closer to Chandra.