Udaan 4 January Written Update of Full Episode: Vivaan and Imli share romantic moments and Tejaswini vows to save Chakor


Udaan begins with Imli (Vidhi Pandya) telling Chakor (Meera Deosthale) that they will celebrate today. Vivaan (Paras Arora) says that he has to go to office. Imli says I will celebrate no matter what are the situations. Chakor says I will not go to haveli, I will stay at home and look after mother. Imli says I will celebrate with fireworks. Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) says her birthday is memorable as her birth brought disaster to me. He says her birthday will be her death anniversary today holding the RDX. Girija, the maid overhears this and is shocked. Kamal Narayan says it will burst when the villagers are rejoicing her birthday. Girija decides to alert Chakor about death threat. Kamal Narayan feels someone has overheard them and rushes to check. He does not see anyone outside. At home, Chakor is restless. She says I am shocked that Suraj did not call me even once to say that he has reached safe. She says I feel your relationship with Azadganj has not changed. Chakor says Suraj I wish you do not come back as your life is in danger. She says tomorrow I am going to the haveli to get my stuff and my relation will end.

Vivaan enters his room and it is dark. He asks Imli where are you? He hears the ringing of anklets. Imli lights his birthday cake and is all smiles. Vivaan checks out Imli in her blue saree. He says you scared me. Imli says happy birthday, I love you. Vivaan says this is a great surprise, I love you too. They spend some romantic moments together. Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta plays in the background. Vivaan hugs Imli and says you make me happy. He says I lost my childhood due to the scheming in the haveli but you brought back happiness in my life. Imli gets more gifts. She gives him a piggyback saying that it has some money. Imli says I have some money, let us rent out a home with that money. They hug. Vivaan says I have got my cheque. I don’t need your money, this is our first step to our home. Imli kisses him. Vivaan and Imli are lost in love.

Tejaswini is drying clothes and Girija reaches there. She tells her of Kamal Narayan’s plan and that Chakor’s life is at risk. Tejaswini tells her to talk softly as her mum is unwell. She says Chakor has gone to the haveli but I will save her. She says my Suraj is alive coz of her. A goon informs Kamal that birthday items are coming from Sitapur. He tells him to track that as he will plan further on basis of that. The goon asks where will you place the bomb. He says I will kept it at a spot that is not a conspicuous one. Kamal laughs. He says his plan is fool proof.

Chakor thinks that today is Vivaan’s birthday and Imli must have celebrated well. She thinks my husband is useless. She says that even if Suraj was here, he would not do anything for me. Chakor says I hated this haveli since childhood but today I don’t feel like leaving this room. She says why am I feeling like this. Chakor remembers her moments with Suraj.