Confirmed! Om Swami is finally kicked out of Bigg Boss 10


We just reported that Om Swami of Bigg Boss 10 has stooped to the lowest of the low for he peed on fellow contestant Bani J during the captaincy task. Bigg Boss introduced a captaincy task between Om and Bani wherein the duo had make their individual pyramids and the other housemates could support anyone between Bani and Om. Obviously, no one wanted Om as the captain of the house which is why all the contestants were supporting Bani and they tried to break Om Swami’s pyramid again and again. This didn’t go down well with Swami, who got furious and threw his piss on Bani. While rest of the housemates were appalled with Swami’s disgusting act, Bani kicked him and Rohan Mehra, who was wanting to hit Om slapped him right across the face. This time all the housemates were by Bani and Rohan’s side. They were extremely angry and demanded the makers to take serious action against this sleaze of a man.

And thankfully the show runners, who were turning a blind eye to all of Om’s wrongdoings inside the house, have finally realised their mistake as we have learnt that Om has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house. Funny, how they waited for something so grave to happen on the show.  And it’s more ridiculous that they thought that his guy makes for good TV.

Host Salman Khan, who has been highly annoyed with Om boycotted him last weekend after he said he wanted to pee on Rohan during the captaincy task that took place last week. Salman lost his shit and lashed out at him again like there is no tomorrow. And now that he has actually peed, we wonder what will be Salman’s reaction to this.