Beyhadh 4 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Saanjh is devastated and a priest predicts a scary future for Arjun with Maya


Beyhadh begins with Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) hugging on the boat. Maya tells him to come with her somewhere. They leave. Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is left crying and devastated. She screams Arjun in the middle of the sea. She takes off the ring and throws it and it lands on the sea bed. She remembers that the ring was given by her father and dives inside to get it. She is unable to get it. Saanjh says she is defeated in love. She sits crying on the rocks while Maya and Arjun romance on the beach. She recollects his words that Maya is full of class and has given opportunities in life. Saanjh falls down on a road and thinks what will she tell her parents. She feels God and life has been unfair on her. Maya takes Arjun to a Ganpati temple and says he is everything in her life. She thanks God for giving her happiness in form of Arjun. Maya says from now on our lives are joined together and no one will come in between us.

They hear a priest saying nothing good will come out of this relationship. He says neither your destination nor your paths are the same. Arjun asks the priest what is he saying? Maya begs him to leave the place. He insists and says please tell me my fortune. Arjun gives his hand. The priest tells him that fame and fortune will be his but money will always be an issue. He says Maya is my lucky charm. He tells her to show her hand. The priest sees her hand and says if you marry her you’ll die. He says your life will be full of sorrows as she is only materialistic. The priest tells him to leave Maya’s hand if he wants to safeguard his future and that of his family. Maya is worried as the priest tells her to manage her wounds on her own and not spoil other’s lives. Maya asks Arjun if he will leave her. He says I will not listen to anyone and leave you. Arjun says your name is written in my destiny. They light candles. Maya requests him for some time as she is disturbed by the priest’s predictions. Arjun wonders where is Maya? She returns and says I am fine. They reach the hotel where Saanjh is sitting near the fountain. The manager tells her that her room is ready. She says she is leaving the place. The manager tells her to go to the reception. She sees Maya and Arjun walking in. Saanjh seethes in anger. She starts crying, picks up her bag and leaves. Arjun comes behind and says Dusky. He holds her arms and hugs her tightly. He asks her what is she doing here? Maya sees this angrily.