Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Ishwari sends Dev and Sona on a honeymoon to Shimla


Asha tells Sona (Erica Fernandes) that the fertility treatments are very painful and Sona leaves the house saying that she is not in a frame of mind to think about anything. Sona reaches home to find Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) waiting for her outside. She expresses her concern about disappointing the family members again but Dev tries to pacify her. Sona enters the house and Ishwari tells her that how they broke her dream. Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) tells her that she wants a grandchild and Dev assures her that Sona will do anything required to try and conceive. Ishwari asks Sona if she agrees to everything since she has been quite till now. Sona nods.

Ishwari asks them to try and conceive as soon as possible. Sona tells Ishwari that this was as shocking for her as it was for Ishwari and that she is ready for everything. She then asks Ishwari if she will accept Sona if the procedures fail. Ishwari tries to assure her to not think negatively and asks her to try hard on fulfilling her promise. She asks them to be optimistic and that she will do whatever it takes so the name of the family lives on. Later on, Sona and Dev have a calm discussion about possibilities.

Sona then asks him about the Rs. 5 crores that he gave to Sourabh for their business. Dev justifies saying that it was a business deal and they reconcile. Radha asks Elena to apply some nail polish on her nails, too. Vicky walks in asking for some milk and Elena asks Radha to do it. In the morning, Ishwari says that she wants to accompany Dev and Sona to the fertility clinic. The doctor tells them that the reports will take 2-3 days and that Dev-Sona will have to go through a stress test.

In the house, Radha is restlessly walking till Vicky talks to her. She mumbles about how her plan of throwing Sona out of the house backfired. They bicker for some time as Radha gets worried that Sona might get pregnant. The doctor tells Ishwari that Dev and Sona are too stressed at the moment. They need to take some time off for Sona to conceive. Bejoy is lost and worried about Sona and everything that’s happening in her life.

He decides to call her up and Asha stops him by saying that if it makes Sona happy, then it’s not wrong. Sona finds tickets to Shimla in the room and Dev is also quite confused about it. Ishwari enters saying that she booked the tickets so Dev and Sona can relieve stress. Ishwari gives Sona some money asking her to donate it in a temple in Shimla.