‘Bull’: 9 Times Dr. Bull Used a Situation to His Advantage in ‘E.J.’

"EJO"-- Coverage of the CBS drama BULL scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dr. Bull took on technology in Bull‘s “E.J.,” as he took on a client with a self-driving car. But who (or what) was responsible for an employee’s death? And what would it take for Bull to get his client to see what she had to do?

Here are nine times Dr. Bull used a situation to his advantage in the winter premiere.

When Ginny Sent a Self-Driving Car to Pick Him up, He Questioned the Program

Was E.J. driving the car involved in the fatal crash? Yes, but he had been updated and unfortunately didn’t remember what happened.

Dr. Bull Knew They Had to Paint Ginny as Just the Right Amount of “Loopy”

That meant, of course, losing the pajamas before court. “A little loopy is nice. It’s endearing. It takes the edge off the CEO stereotype. But too loopy looks incompetent, likely to make mistakes,” he explained.

Dr. Bull Knew What They Wanted in the Jurors

“When the Titanic sank, whose fault was it: the ship’s or the captain’s?” Benny asked. A teacher who could “flunk” E.J. was out. An artist who said the captain was “only human” was good. A man who was willing to think outside the box and blame the iceberg was a wild card but didn’t instinctually blame Ginny.

Dr. Bull Posed as a Hacker, Goliath

Dr. Bull might not know about hacking, but he could pull off the persona — by smashing a tablet. As he told Cable, “I needed a personality that matched the name.”

Dr. Bull Knew an Employee of the Company Who Wouldn’t Lie

He questioned E.J. about Carter, including his falling out with Ginny and what he coded in the program. Carter originally wrote the collision algorithm.

Dr. Bull Came up with a Way to Make Ginny More Sympathetic to the Jury

He had Benny question the victim’s wife on the stand in such a way that Ginny stood up and interrupted. They saw Ginny rush to protect Erica and connected to her.

Dr. Bull Put the Jurors They Needed in the Self-Driving Car

To get them in the car — and therefore get them to flip sides — Benny was going. If they thought he was afraid, they’d be eager to go for a ride.

Dr. Bull Put the Company’s CFO, Dean, on the Stand as a Character Witness

He wanted Ginny to see E.J. for what it really was, specifically when it came to the program’s collision algorithm.

Dr. Bull Forced Ginny to See the Flaw in E.J. to Get Her to Testify

When she refused to testify that Carter hacked into the program and caused the victim’s death because she didn’t love him, he told her to come for the verdict. Instead, he had Cable make it look like E.J. refused to stop when ordered to and she had to save them.

On the stand, Ginny testified that E.J. killed the victim. The technology was compromised, she said, by Carter, whom she never loved back because she couldn’t let go of someone she lost.

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