‘America’s Next Top Model’ Eliminated Contestant Tash Wells Reveals Which Model Everyone Has an Issue With


Tash Wells may no longer be in the running to be America’s Next Top Model but she sure has plenty to say when it comes to sibling rivalry, the drama in the house, who she thinks is most likely to fight and who she’s rooting for to win.

When judge Drew Elliot asked Tash who she thought would be the first one to go home between Tash and her sister Cody, Tash admitted that she knew she’d be eliminated first.
“I did. I’m not gonna lie,” Tash told Drew. “We got into the house and things started to get real … In personal situations Cody has my back but in the end like if we’re getting feedback from the judges, then it’s like you guys need to separate. Cody was like ‘bye bitch’ and once I got that from her it was like ‘damn it.'”
While Tash is eager to work with Cody as a team, she thinks Cody is the type of person who doesn’t want to share the spotlight. Tash also reveals that competing against your sister on ANTM has some disadvantages.
“There’s a lot of comfort in it and in a way it’s uncomfortable because you have someone there who knows who you were so it kind of hinders your growth because whenever you step outside the box you have someone telling you ‘you don’t do those kind of things, that’s not you.’ You can’t spread your wings and fly.”
As for who Tash doesn’t get along with, she didn’t hesitate to say Courtney.
“Definitely Courtney. Everybody had an issue with her,” Tash told Drew, who also admitted that he has issues with the model as well. “But then I realized that the issues you find on other people are usually a reflection of things that you don’t like about yourself.”
Tash also revealed the one person who she is most likely to fight with. “Tatiana and I — which is why I steered away from her. I just felt like we are so the same. She’s a mean one. I think she has this facade, acting like she’s got it all together but she’s very insecure,” she said.
So who does Tash want to win? Cody of course.
America’s Next Top Model season 23 airs Mondays at 10/9c on VH1.
(Image courtesy of VH1)


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