Leaked! The special clause in Bani J’s Bigg Boss 10 contract


Speculations about Bani J’s participation in Bigg Boss were rife since last few seasons, but every time they were put to rest with her absence on the high voltage reality show.Earlier today we told you that it was her mother’s disliking towards the show which kept her away from the house, but that wasn’t the only reason, we have now learnt. So Bani, as we all know takes her workout damn seriously. She follows a strict regimen when it comes to her meals. While in the outside world, one can have a total control on their diet, but when you are inside the Bigg Boss house, you cannot really follow the diet you want.

But looks like that isn’t the case with Bani, as before setting her foot inside the glass walled house, she made some special arrangements when it comes to her nutrition with the makers of the show. A source has EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us that there is an ‘eggs clause’ in her Bigg Boss 10 contract. “There is a clause in Bani’s contract, which allows her an unlimited supply of eggs inside the house. She follows a different diet, which is why she also asked the makers to provide her with special food packets. This demand was obviously denied considering it would have been unfair towards the other contestants on the show,” revealed the source.

If not food packets, at least it’s good that the makers gave in to her demand of having eggs inside the house at all times. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below and keep watching this space for all such behind-the-scene updates on Bigg Boss 10.